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About us

Excellence through innovation

Abiom has more than 15 years experience in supplying best in class audio accessories to the emergency services. We are committed to excellence and technological innovation, something shared by each of our equipment manufacturing partners such as Phonak and Incomm (Switzerland), and Otto (USA), providing us with a depth of technological expertise, end-user experience and proven track-records in their markets.

The strength to expand and develop

Our equipment manufacturers have world-class capabilities that are setting the standard internationally for both performance and value-for-money, from simple earpieces to advanced electronic hearing protection systems.

We are committed to stimulating sustainable growth by expanding the scope of our UK operation and developing innovative offerings in areas such as inductive, and the newer technology Transductive, covert wireless earpieces, intelligent but discreet hearing protection, and services which include Earpiece Clinics, impression taking for customised items, and product training sessions.

Vision and Values

Customer Satisfaction and Product Excellence is at the core of everything we supply at Abiom – something we achieve through the following values

  • Working with our customers as a trusted partner to build close and enduring relationships based on trust, detailed knowledge and understanding.
  • Taking pride in the technical versatility and depth of our audio product and applications knowledge, and using that expertise to provide customers with leading-edge audio solutions.
  • We are a customer-focused company which strives to ensure that we understand what is required of us and how best we can meet and exceed customer expectations with cost-effective solutions
  • In our emergency services markets, customers demand high quality solutions, we ensure that our products offer real value-for-money.
  • We recruit, develop and retain talented and skilled people, and share learning and models of best practice.
  • We are firmly committed to our corporate responsibility agenda which encompasses sustainable procurement, business ethics, and cultivating a culture of safety for our staff and customers.Above all, for the benefit of our customers, we continue to invest and are committed to excellence through innovation

Building upon these values, our vision is to be a partner of choice within the UK emergency services community by delivering outstanding audio product solutions for Airwave radios.