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Transductive earpieces

Transductive technology is the only transmission technology capable of guaranteeing covert earpiece users 100% interference-free communication.

Profilo Nano

The smallest and 100% interference-free covert earpiece
The audio crackling and white noise caused by electromagnetic interference (EMI) from alarm systems, vehicles and other electronic circuits can easily lead to missed commands and in turn ruined covert operations. The same is true if your earpiece is so large and obvious that it is spotted by the target.
Profilo Nano by Phonak is the world’s smallest covert earpiece, and thanks to its transductive loop technology it is completely immune to EMI, ensuring you remain covert and never miss an incoming message

  • World’s smallest covert earpiece
  • Zero electromagnectic interference
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Choice of PTT and loop configurations (see Wiring)

Profilo Nano's wiring kits are compatible with most professional radios including the latest Motorola, Sepura and Hytera TETRA models. A special connector is also available for Phonak’s Bluetooth (BT) module, enabling Profilo Nano to be used with BT-enabled communication terminals.
Phonak earpieces are the result of several decades’ worth of hearing research and experience. This is why thousands of professionals around the world trust a Phonak in their ear.

Max volume @ 1kHz, automatically limited 103dBSPL (fullfils new EU directive and regulation regarding noise at work regulations)
  Profilo High Volume (HV) model: 113dBSPL
Frequency response 300Hz - 3600Hz
Type of receiver modulated and processed by DSP
Background noise filter (when no audio signal) soft squelch
Battery type 02Zn, A10
Battery life 80 hours
Battery end of life warning beep
SNR (signal to noise ratio) > 45dB
Storage temp -10°C to +65°C
Operating temp -10° C to +65° C