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Aviation / Earmuff Headset

Abiom is also supplier for professionals in aviation.
Aviators have high demands when it comes to communication. Abiom understands the importence of crystal clear communication, critical for aviaton safety. We have selected a range of the most comfortable headsets with high quality sound and microphone in varied noise environment.

For a completely new and liberated feeling when flying, try a FreeCom aviation headset by Phonak.

A FreeCom is the polar opposite of bulky earmuff style systems. It fits comfortably inside the ear canal without enclosing the outer ear, which means no sweating under a bulky and heavy system and no uncomfortable pressure around the head.

Instead each FreeCom pilot headset employs lightweight custom-molded ear shells. Made from hygienic clinical nylon, these provide unequalled comfort for as long as your flight lasts.

Over the head aviation type ear muff earphone with flexible microphone, large thumb PTT

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