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Safety Meter

SafetyMeter fit testing system

SafetyMeter is Phonak’s proprietary hearing protection fit testing system. It is designed to ensure users of Phonak Serenity systems receive, and continue to receive, exactly the protection they require over time.
While every certified form of hearing protection includes a published attenuation (in-ear noise reduction) value - called SNR values in Europe, NRR in the U.S. - the amount of attenuation two users receive from their identical systems can in reality be different.
This depends on two factors: the protection (its shape, material and production quality); and its fit (i.e. how well its user inserts and positions their protection in the ear).
Phonak's SafetyMeter system controls and documents the actual attenuation a Serenity user receives. It verifies:

  • Ear shell quality
  • Rejects inaccurately shaped shells due to poor quality ear impressions
  • Correct insertion
  • Detects incorrect insertion of shells in the ear (helping safety managers to offer effective hearing protection training)
  • Actual attenuation
  • Provides each user with a Personal Attenuation Rating, or PAR, for their specific system
  • Attenuation behavior
  • Ensures a user's protection remains effective.

SafetyMeter offers safety managers a range of benefits they can rely on.

Personal validation
Individually check, confirm and record the protection of every Phonak Serenity user

Know that at-risk employees are in posession of hearing protection that performs well within the required parameters

With SafetyMeter fit testing system every user can experience, ‘feel’ and understand the attenuation difference between correct and incorrect eShell use. This real-world form of hearing protection training can be invaluable

Cost savings
More accurate protection means fewer cases of hearing loss, leading to reduced compensation costs and fewer recordables

Improved compliance
With SafetyMeter it is easy to meet national hearing protection regulations and the recommendations of safety organizations.

Fit testing made simple: 4 steps to success

1. Connect

The operator connects the SafetyMeter soundcard to a PC that contains Phonak’s proprietary software: one end is attached to the PC via USB, the other slots into the SafetyMeter headphones and probes. Finally the probes are connected to the employee’s individual ear shells (Phonak eShells).

2. Wear
The employee slots in their eShells as normal. Then they place SafetyMeter’s test headphones on top.

3. Run
The operator runs the SafetyMeter test. The system plays sounds through the headphones and uses miniature microphones to measure the residual sound inside the employee’s ear shells. By computing the difference between the sounds in the headphones and in the ear, the attenuation level of the shells is calculated.

4. Results
Test results are created, which the safety manager can view, save and print.