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The TITAN AIRCRYPT TM radio interface will allow wireless communications between the motorcyclist and the on-board motorcycle mobile radio. With this interface the motorcyclist is no longer connected by wire to the motorbike providing more security. The motorcyclist can move away fromthe motorbike, keeping communication with the radio communication network (up to 150 meters depending on antenna type and environment). The wireless radio interface is designed with TITAN AIRCRYPT TM proprietary technology. Many radio interfaces could be used in the same area without any risk of interferences. In combination with the special designed sound system for the Motorcyle helmets allowing clear communication up to 180 km/h speed.

The systems consists of:
* Waterproof noise cancelling electret microphone and high sensitivity 1W speakers, inside the motorcycle helmet.
* TITAN AIRCRYPT TM belt box transceiver with Push To Talk Button and volume control switches is powered by a 1,7 Ah Li-Ion rechargeable battery.
* TITAN AIRCRYPT TM on-board motorcycle radio interface is powered by the radio.

The mobile radio is activated through PTT buttons fitted on the motorcycle handlebars. The belt box battery is charged by an individual charger 220 V 50 Hz or through a charging adaptor placed on the motorbike. TITAN AIRCRYPTTM encrypted wireless radio interface for motorcycle helmets

Frequency band ISM 2,4 à 2,4835 GHz Security Highly secured AIRCRYPT technology
Channels More than 4000 sub channels Transmission speed 723 kbit/s
Spread spectrum Adoptive frequency jumping Coverage 300 meters