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TETRA Dispatch Solutions

At Abiom we have various solutions for (mobile) control centres. The RIPS, IDECS and Cross Border systems are the most advanced and user friendly available today.

Radio voice over IP Streamer(RIPS) is used for converting conventional radio equipment to a VoIP infrastructure.

The RIPS module connects a mobile radio to a LAN (or WAN) network. The control room can be equipped with a similar module which enables control of the mobile radio. Because of the TCP/IP properties it’s also possible to install multiple workspaces using one mobile radio.

Without the need of software the various functions of the mobile radios can be fully used, controlling full functions like PTT, mic and speaker or a listen only installation for briefing rooms and command centres.

This modular installation makes upgrading and expansion of existing systems is very easy.

The modules are also suitable for vehicle installations.

Please contact us for more information.

The Integrated Dispatch and Emergency Control System is the software platform that is compatible with the RIPS modules. IDECS makes it possible to control multiple mobile radios with one console. IDECS also provides the opportunity to integrate PABX, intercom systems, GPS positioning and voice logging controlled by an easy to use console.

IDECS software can be upgraded with numerous hardware solutions which contribute to a easy to use and user friendly system. Shown below a selection of standard solutions. For more information or advice, please contact us.

Based on RIPS modules a cross border solution can be established for connecting multiple networks. With this central installation a solution for emergency dispatch in border area’s can be realized. For example, C2000 (Netherlands) and A.S.T.R.I.D (Belgium) can be connected with each other in order to ensure swift and effective cross border communication.

For more information about IDECS, RIPS and Cross Border solutions, please contact us.