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Network programming

Remote Programming Accessories for use with Sepura

The NC6050 series of equipment have been designed by BiTEA to provide remote programming pods for Sepura TETRA radio terminals. The pods use IP addressable units enabling them to be located locally or remote via a private LAN/WAN to the PC running Sepura Radio Manager software. The use of remote programing will soon show an impressive reduction in the logistics and expense of terminal management, especially if your users are spread over a wide geographic area. The pods can be left continuously connected to the Radio Manager and provide a 24/7 automatic programming service.

  • NO PC required at the remote location
  • Low cost solution
  • IP addressable unit
  • Appears as a standard com port on the pc
  • Maximises the use of client software
  • Eases logistics of programming
  • Cradles can provide radio terminal charging
  • Plug and Play operation
  • Expandable up to 32 radios for each Sepura radio manager client
  • Optional radio link between NC6050 and terminal if approved for use in your market
  • Status LED shows device powered/active
  • Mains power and RJ45 connections
  • All units available with wall mount or desk mount options
  • Allows network connections to remain within the security boundaries of the users own LAN/WAN
  • No security sensitive information retained at the Remote Cradle Module (RCM)

NC6050 brochure [201 KB]