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Programming & storage

Smart Lockers

A secure locker for charging, programming and storage of hand held and body worn radios with electronic access control & asset tracking facilities.

The NC4000 series is a range of secure locker systems with facilities for charging, programming and asset management of radio terminals. The lockers can be supplied with mechanical locks or electronic access using keypad, card swipe, RF tag or biometric readers. Stand alone or networked asset tracking facilities allow management to identify when radios have been removed and replaced. The lockers are available in standard size modules or can be designed for specific bespoke applications, in a range of colours

Application and benefits

  • Secure radio storage facility
  • Radio charging
  • Radio programming
  • Stand alone or networked asset tracking
  • Modular design
  • Mechanical or electronic locking
  • Electronic lock control via pin entry,card swipe, RFI tag or biometrics
  • Sturdy compact design
  • Choice of colours
  • AC or DC powered Battery back up
  • Available for most types of radios
  • Hand held and mobile radios
  • Wall or floor mount options


  • Each locker has individual keys ( mechanical lock version)
  • All lock / unlock events can be logged
  • Terminals can be asset tracked
  • Electronic system can be locked down or opened remotely
  • Battery backup option