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11-13 March Security & Policing FIVE, Farnborough

New Sales representative for the UK: Steve Benn

Having recently been appointed by the company as their new representative in the UK we just want to briefly introduce Steve Benn.

For the majority of his working life Steve was a uniformed police officer in the Metropolitan Police Service where over a period of 32 years he performed a wide variety of roles and achieved promotion to the rank of Chief Inspector.

In 1998 Steve was selected for the role of Service Communications Officer for the force with responsibility to manage the then numerous analogue radio communications systems. It was whilst in this role that he had his first taste of TETRA, which was to become the communications standard for the Bluelight Services in the UK. As well as performing the user assurance role on the Metropolitan Police’s project board that delivered TETRA into the force, Setve also sat on the National Police User Group that together with representatives from all the UK police regions developed the extensive user requirement for the TETRA system that would become known as ‘Airwave’.

Since retiring from the police service in late 2006 Steve has worked for two of the world’s leading TETRA terminal suppliers; Sepura and Motorola, in both cases in a sales role with account/relationship management responsibility for UK Bluelight organisations.

"From both a user and supplier perspective I have extensive knowledge and experience of TETRA systems, hardware and the challenges faced by users on a daily basis and I look forward to bringing that expertise into this new and exciting role with Abiom", Steve comments.

If Steve can be of any assistance with regards to our product portfolio please do not hesitate to contact him at

Phonak unveils Profilo Nano

The smallest 100% interference-free covert earpiece in the world

Phonak Communications today launches Profilo Nano - the most advanced covert earpiece ever offered to the security market.

For covert radio users such as undercover police and surveillance teams, two things matter above all else: uninterrupted communications and discretion. Today the company behind the industry-standard Phonito earpiece family, Phonak Communications, brings to the security market a new receiver solution that perfectly meets both these needs:Profilo Nano.
This next-generation covert earpiece is so small as to be completely invisible to bystanders and thanks to its proprietary transductive technology it is 100% immune to the electromagnetic interference (EMI) that alarm systems, vehicles and other electronic circuits can cause.

“With the launch of Profilo Nano we can offer covert professionals the discretion of the industry’s smallest ever earpiece form factor with the confidence that zero interference brings,” said Evert Dijkstra, Managing Director of Phonak Communications. “Radio users who employ Profilo Nano can therefore rest easy knowing that they will never be spotted (at least not due to their choice of earpiece) and will never miss a command due to EMI.”

Available in beige or dark brown, the Profilo Nano covert earpiece is available with a choice of three different covert wiring kits. These are available with a wide choice of radio connectors (including the latest TETRA models) and a special connector is also available for Phonak’s Bluetooth (BT) module, enabling Profilo Nano to be used with BT-enabled communication terminals.

All transductive Profilo Nano neckloops include dual quick-release safety connectors and are available in several lengths and colors.
Phonak covert earpieces are the result of several decades’ worth of hearing research and experience. This is why thousands of security professionals around the world trust a Phonak in their ear.


Abiom has been awarded a framework supply contract with Europe’s largest and most prestigious police force: The Metropolitan Police Service. Located at the famous New Scotland Yard, London, the Metropolitan Police Service is the largest police force in Europe.

This contract with “The MET”, contains the exclusive rights for delivering radio accessories
for all TETRA radio equipment using the Airwave TETRA radio service. Besides The MET, the framework enables 52 territorial, 3 national and numerous other law enforcement agencies, specialist units and other government security and fire and ambulance services to purchase equipment through the Framework. There are more than 150.000 users connected to the Airwave network.

“We are especially proud that we succeeded to win this contract, making us one of three dedicated accessories suppliers for one of Europe’s largest markets,” said Bas De Grood, CEO of Abiom Communication Systems.

The Metropolitan framework contains two of the most used TETRA radio brands, Sepura and Motorola and three accessory suppliers. This way a healthy and stable competition has been created, and keeps manufacturers of radio terminals and accessories focused.

The MET framework covers a period of four years with an expected turnover of 20 to 30 million GBP of accessories. This is a great stimulus for manufacturers to design and develop new products.

Abiom specialises in the supply of public safety related radio equipment and accessories and holds a market leading position in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg . “It is a huge challenge to penetrate the UK market, but our chances look good and we are looking forward to taking on this challenge” said Bas de Grood.

The world renowned Metropolitan Police Service covers an area of 620 square miles (161,000 Hectares) serves a population of 7.2 million, and consists of 35.000 police officers, 14,000 police staff and is by far the largest police service in Europe. Besides their London territorial police duties, the MET has various national responsibilities such as counter terrorism and the security of the Royal Family.

Abiom has for some time had ambitions to enter and get a foothold in the United Kingdom; the MET framework is a big step forward. The company spent more than two years advance planning and preparation for this tender. During those years, Abiom became a preferred supplier of Phonak products for some specialist law enforcement agencies in the UK .

New Aviation Headset

Phonak Communications introduces the FreeCom Pilot Headsets.
For a completely new and liberated feeling when flying. No more bulky earmuff style systems, but a lightweight, comfortably inside-the-ear headset.

NEW! Phonito Nano

We are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of Phonak’s Phonito Nano, the new flagship inductive receiver.

The 3 key features:
• Smallest inductive receiver in the world.
• Markedly reduced interference levels.
• Superior audio quality.